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In 1837, a site was designated as the county seat for Benton County. This site was named in honor of Senator Thomas Hart Benton, from Missouri, who worked to have Arkansas admitted as a state. Bentonville was named after the county and became the county seat. 

January 7, 1873 - Residents filed a petition with Benton County to incorporate as the Town of Bentonville.

February 12, 1873 - Benton County Court heard and granted the petition.

March 28, 1873 – Incorporating documents (petition, map, and transcripts of the court hearing) were certified.

April 1873 – The certified incorporating documents were officially filed with Benton County.

About our Logo


The 150th logo pulls together significant elements that help define the history, small-town feel, and culture that is Bentonville. Three key elements are represented in the 150-year history of our town.

  1. A historical item: The state flower, the Apple Blossom. Arkansas was at one time in its history a prime producer of apples. A nursery was established in 1836 to meet the state’s need for apple trees. By 1900 it is estimated that around 40,000 acres of apple orchards were established across Benton County, making it one of the largest apple-producing counties in the United States.

  2. A prominent landmark: The Bentonville water tower near the square is one of the most prominent landmarks in Downtown Bentonville. Of course, being vital to the city’s water system, this water tower represents the small-town feel of our downtown area.

  3. A key cultural symbol: Bentonville has become synonymous around the world with establishing itself as a cycling destination. The spokes and mountain bike tire serve as representation to the over 181 miles of dedicated trail across Bentonville and the neighboring cities in the county. These trails have become a key cultural and economic driver and represent the strong recreational quality of life that thrives in Bentonville.

How to Celebrate

The purpose of this page is to provide a one-stop shop for all things sesquicentennial for the City of Bentonville. Here, we will share the history of Bentonville municipalities and let you know about all the fun events related to our 150th anniversary taking place throughout 2023! 

Tell us your story

Do you have a favorite Bentonville memory? Leave a short, 1-paragraph story below to share with our residents. If we choose to share your story, you will receive a commemorative 150th Anniversary item!

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