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Bentonville Stories

We sat down with a few of our residents to hear about their Bentonville stories.

Take a listen below! 

David Short

David Short shares the story about how he and others created the initial concept behind what is now called Downtown Bentonville Inc. 

Johnny Haney

Did you know Bentonville was once known as a major apple producer? Learn the history behind our apple industry and how Moberly Lane got its name. 

Randy Lawson

Family history is a treasure trove of amazing stories, and Bentonville is no exception! Randy Lawson shares his childhood memories of his uncle Ray Hickman, a local barber who also served our country for many years. 


As we celebrate Bentonville's rich history, we're honored to share the personal stories of our community members. Thanks to Randy for taking us on a trip down memory lane and reminding us of the importance of family ties. 

David Short

There's something magical about Christmas in Bentonville, and David Short knows it well!


He reminisces about bringing his kids to the downtown square to experience the live nativity scene and how it was the perfect place to raise a family. From cherished traditions to the love of family and friends, there's no place like home. 

Arnold Layne

Meet Arnold Layne, the fiddling legend of Bentonville! From a young age, Arnold discovered his love of fiddling, and since then, he has crafted an impressive 439 fiddles. His tunes keep Bentonville lively and our spirits high! 

As we celebrate Bentonville's vibrant culture and rich history, we're proud to highlight the talents of our community members like Arnold. Their unique passions and skills make our town an incredible place to live and visit. 

Special thanks to Michael McCranie for interviewing our residents. 

Happy Birthday Bentonville!

Happy sesquicentennial anniversary, Bentonville! 

We asked you, our amazing community, to help us celebrate this milestone, and we were blown away by your responses! From heartfelt messages to creative photos and videos, you truly made this a birthday to remember. 

We're grateful to have such an incredible community of residents who make Bentonville such a special place to call home. Here's to many more years of memories and milestones together! 

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