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Our Departments

The City of Bentonville is comprised of departments that work together to keep our community running 24-7. See below to learn the history of our City.  

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The Bentonville airport is also called Louis M. Thaden Field. The airport’s 5,000-foot asphalt runway makes it an excellent option for general aviation and small-plane travel. Summit Aviation is the airport’s FBO.

In 1951 the airport was named after Louise McPhetridge Thaden who was born in Bentonville on November 12, 1905. She was an aviation pioneer and set the women's altitude record, solo endurance record, and speed record in the late 1920s. She was the most famous female American aviator of her time, only after Amelia Earhart.

Louise earned her pilot's certificate in 1928: number 850, signed by Orville Wright. She co-founded, with Earhart, the Ninety-Nines, an International organization for female pilots.

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The mission of Bentonville Public Library (BPL) is to engage our community, to encourage discovery, and promote literacy by offering lifelong learning opportunities. 

Bentonville Public Library values Community, Diversity, Education, and Intellectual Freedom.

Governed by the Bentonville City Council, BPL is a City Department.  The Library Director reports directly to the Mayor and City Council.  The Library Director also reports to a  Library Advisory Board, an advocate and support group for BPL.

Bentonville Library's budget is primarily funded by the City of Bentonville general operating fund.  BPL's annual budget of nearly $1 million supports library personnel, operational expenditures, and capital purchases. Revenue resources include overdue fines, basic cost-recovery fees, donations, and grants.

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Public Library


Parks & Recreation

Bentonville Parks and Recreation is the choice provider of recreation, leisure and culture. Our parks, trails, programs and events make Bentonville a premiere destination for residents and visitors. The parks system and its beauty encourage active lifestyles and enhance quality of life for citizens.

We shape the character of Bentonville with parks, greenways and trails that are sustainable, well-maintained and safe. As an innovative organization, Bentonville Parks and Recreation offers comprehensive and diverse recreation programs for people of all ages, abilities and interests.

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The Planning and Community Development Department is made up of the Current Planning Division and the Comprehensive Planning Division. 


Current Planning is responsible for review of all developments, subdivision platting, and zoning request, as well a permitting for outdoor vendors and signs. All development and permits are reviewed for compliance with the city’s zoning and land development codes. This division provide staff support for the Planning Commission, Board of Adjustment and City Council. Click here for more information. 


The Comprehensive Planning Division’s role is to guide the future of the city with long-range plans and implementation programs that include community engagement and neighborhood improvement. The Great Neighborhood Partnership is managed by this division in partnership with code enforcement. Comprehensive Planning provides staff support to the Tree and Landscape Advisory Committee, Public Art Advisory Committee, Neighborhood Advisory Council, and the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force. Click here for more information. 


Planning &
Community Development

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The Bentonville Fire Department was established in 1887. Today, the department has an ISO rating of 2 and serves a community of over 50,000 residents.  The city is served from seven fire stations strategically placed throughout the city.

The Bentonville Fire Department is committed to excellence in customer service providing the citizens of Bentonville with superior fire protection and emergency medical services.

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The Engineering Department is responsible for the review of development plans, maintain design and construction specifications, conduct field inspections of construction, and ensure all work conforms to City codes to provide quality developments and growth consistent with the City's long-term commitment to economic vitality and environmental integrity.

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The Finance and Accounting Department provides accurate and timely financial reporting and analysis to the Mayor, City Council, City Departments, and the public and maintains accounting records in accordance with all applicable federal laws, state laws, and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles for municipal governments.

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The Bentonville Police Department was established on May 9th, 1916 as the “Office of Watch.” Today, the City of Bentonville Police Department watches over a community of more than 50,000 residents. The Police Department has a 130 member staff. Included in this staff are 92 sworn officers, 25 telecommunicators, and 13 professional staff members.  

The Department is comprised of four divisions, including the Administrative Division, Uniform Division, Criminal Investigation Division and Operations Division. Each of these divisions is led by a Captain and staffed by dedicated men and women who work together on a daily basis to provide quality services to each of our residents and visitors. 

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In the construction and maintaining of it's system, the Bentonville Electrical Utility Department provides engineering and design, overhead and underground line construction, metering information, and powerline easement tree trimming and removal.

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Bentonville’s water utility staff remains steadfast in assuring the citizens, businesses and guests we serve that quality plans are developed, proper water and wastewater infrastructure is installed and that the future of the water utilities has a solid foundation for generations to come. We are committed to hold true to a high standard of conduct from our team, which will be reflected in the operation and maintenance of Bentonville’s water utilities systems. We will pursue avenues and set standards that will ensure Bentonville’s water and wastewater systems will function properly and provide quality service for today’s population and projected growth. Bentonville’s water utilities team is ready to assist you today, tomorrow and into the future.

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Water Utilities

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The Street Department maintains 600 traffic lane miles, over 200 miles of sidewalk, and 250 miles of drainage ditches. Currently, there are 35 detention ponds that are also maintained by the Street Department.  


The Street Department also maintains 43 Traffic Signals along with Street Signage and Markings. 

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