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View the timeline below to see how Bentonville grew from a small community of less than 500 people in 1873 to the municipality it has become today in 2023. 

Bentonville Timeline

Click here to download the timeline

City of Bentonville Today

According to the 2020 Census Count, Bentonville's population reached 54,164. 

  • The total population increased 53.4% from 2010 (35,301).

  • The percentage of the total population that is a minority is 34%, up from 19% in 2010.

  • The Asian population accounts for 16% of the total population.

  • The percentage of the population that is of Hispanic or Latino ethnicity is 10%, slightly higher than 9% in 2010.

  • The total number of housing units is 22,436, a 53% increase, consistent with the population growth.

  • 91% of all housing units are occupied.

Population Growth

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